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Alex Richardson, Ph.D.

Director, National High School Ethics Bowl
   (919) 962-2576
  Personal Website


Alex Richardson has been Director of the National High School Ethics Bowl since 2019. A philosopher working at the intersections of ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of education, Alex is an award-winning teacher and an advocate for public and pre-college philosophy pedagogy. His research interests are varied, but as of late concern issues in moral and civic education. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in 2021, where he wrote a dissertation on the liberal virtue of civility and its role in the non-ideal politics of democratic societies like our own. In addition to his work at the Parr Center, Alex teaches in the Department of Philosophy at Elon University. Alex also serves on Boards of Directors for the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and Ethics Bowl Canada, as well as on the American Philosophical Association’s Committee on Pre-College Instruction in Philosophy.




Delaney Thull, M.A.

Graduate Assistant, National High School Ethics Bowl
Project Lead, NHSEBBridge
  (919) 843-5641


Delaney Thull is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Philosophy Department at UNC. At the Parr Center for Ethics, she serves as a Graduate Assistant, working primarily on the National High School Ethics Bowl and teaching courses in practical ethics. Delaney is project lead for the NHSEBBridge initiative, coach of Carolina’s national finalist Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl team, and has coordinated local philosophy outreach programming with both first graders and senior citizens. She completed her M.A. in Philosophy at UNC in 2021 and she graduated from Princeton University with an A.B. in Philosophy and a Certificate in Values and Public Life.




Austin Foushee

Undergraduate Assistant, National High School Ethics Bowl
Chair, NHSEB Student Advisory Council
   (919) 843-5641


Austin Foushee is a second-year student at UNC pursuing a degree in Political Science and Philosophy, and is currently applying for Law School. He has worked at the Parr Center as an Administrative Assistant for the National High School Ethics Bowl since 2021. An NHSEB alumnus, Austin founded and led his school’s very first Ethics Bowl teams. This year, Austin will coordinate and chair NHSEB’s inaugural Student Advisory Council, a new venue where Ethics Bowl students from around the country will be appointed to consult with the program’s leadership and advisors to raise awareness about student needs and raise new insights about NHSEB programming from the student perspective.






Sarah Stroud, Ph.D.

Professor of Philosophy
Director, Parr Center for Ethics


Sarah Stroud is Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Parr Center for Ethics at UNC. She works across central areas of moral philosophy, with a particular focus on foundational issues in moral psychology and moral theory and on the intersection of such issues with metaethics and the philosophy of action. Sarah has published papers on such topics as partiality, moral demandingness and overridingness, lying and testimony, practical irrationality, and the moral implications and significance of personal relationships. She holds degrees from Harvard (A.B.) and Princeton (Ph.D.).



Michael Vazquez, Ph.D.

Teaching Assistant Professor of Philosophy
Director of Outreach, Parr Center for Ethics


Michael Vazquez is Teaching Assistant Professor in the Department of Philosophy and Director of Outreach at the Parr Center for Ethics. He received his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020, and specializes in ancient philosophy and the philosophy of education. He is committed to forging lasting, democratic, and collaborative partnerships between the academy and the community, and to cultivating the philosophical voices of people of all ages. Michael serves on the Public Philosophy Committee of the American Philosophical Association (APA) and the Academic Advisory Board of the Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization (PLATO). He is also a lecturer on the Social Foundations of Education for the Penn Graduate School of Education’s Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership.




Sally Moore

Director of Undergraduate Programming, Parr Center for Ethics


Sally Moore is Director of Undergraduate Programming at the Parr Center for Ethics. She coordinates the Center’s celebrated “Parr Heels” program, and has founded and designed various co-curricular opportunities for students to sharpen their moral reasoning skills through creative research projects, mentorship, and leadership opportunities. Sally is interested in the power of studying ethics during early adulthood, especially outside the traditional classroom. She is a regular contributor to NHSEB’s case sets and volunteer training materials for the program.




Juliana Hemela

Administrator, Parr Center for Ethics
Event Coordinator, National High School Ethics Bowl


Juliana Hemela is the Parr Center’s Administrator and serves as an Event Coordinator for the National High School Ethics Bowl program. A UNC alumna, she is pleased to continue her time at the Parr Center after her time as an Undergraduate Fellow. Juliana received a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 2021 with a focus in Neurolaw. She is interested in the roles of rehabilitation and incarceration, as well as mental health and prison reforms. During her time at UNC, she was on Carolina’s Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl (IEB) team, and honed her interest in ethics and the deliberative values of the activity. She is a frequent contributor to NHSEB pedagogical materials and aids in event design for the NHSEBAcademy Live series.






Alex Feldt, Ph.D.

Distinguished Lecturer, Philosophy, University of Tennessee, Knoxville

Scott Hairston

Coach, Little Rock Central High School
Arkansas High School Ethics Bowl

Roberta Israeloff

Executive Director, Squire Family Foundation
Vice President, PLATO
Organizer, Long Island (NY) High School Ethics Bowl

Emily Knuth

Associate Director, Janet Prindle Institute for Ethics, DePauw University
Organizer, Indiana High School Ethics Bowl

Jon Matheson, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Philosophy, University of North Florida
Organizer, First Coast (FL) High School Ethics Bowl

Steve Michelman, Ph.D.

Professor, Philosophy, Wofford College
Organizer, South Carolina High School Ethics Bowl

Aoife O’Neill

Coach, Eastern Alamance High School
North Carolina High School Ethics Bowl

Travis Parker, M.A.

Coach, Cypress Charter High School
Northern California High School Ethics Bowl

Kyle Robertson, J.D., Ph.D.

Chair, Rules Council, 2022-2023

Managing Director, Center for Public Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz
Lecturer, Philosophy, University of California, Santa Cruz
Organizer, Northern California High School Ethics Bowl

Sean Riley, Ph.D.

Executive Director, Gravitas: A Global Extension of the Stony Brook School
Organizer, NHSEBBridge @ Gravitas
Coach, The Stony Brook School
Long Island High School Ethics Bowl


Colin Schoonover

President, Oklahoma Schools of Character
Organizer, Oklahoma High School Ethics Bowl

Steven Swartzer, Ph.D.

Chair, Case Advisory Committee, 2022-2023

Associate Director for Academic Programs and Strategic Initiatives, Center for Ethics Education, Fordham University
Organizer, New York City High School Ethics Bowl

Ariel Sykes, M.A.

Assistant Director, The Ethics Institute at Kent Place School
Liaison to National Middle School Ethics Bowl

Nicolas Tanchuk, Ph.D.

Learning Experience Designer; Product Manager, EnableEducation
Liaison to Ethics Bowl Canada

Kristen Fuhs Wells, M.B.A.

Chair, Special Committee on Access, Equity, and Community, 2022-2023

Executive Director, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics
Liaison to APPE Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl





William (Will) Etringer is a Senior at UNC majoring in Philosophy, and pursuing minors in Social and Economic Justice and Environmental Justice. He is also a graduate of Dalton L. McMichael High School in Mayodan, NC, and Rockingham Community College in Wentworth, NC. This is Will’s first year working with the NHSEB program. He has a deep, lasting personal connection to rural communities, and hopes to expand Ethics Bowl resources to underrepresented areas of North Carolina.


Austin Foushee is a second-year student at UNC pursuing a degree in Political Science and Philosophy, and is currently applying for Law School. He has worked at the Parr Center as an Administrative Assistant for the National High School Ethics Bowl since 2021. An NHSEB alumnus, Austin founded and led his school’s very first Ethics Bowl teams. When he’s not working with the Ethics Bowl, Austin can be found yelling at a sports team, usually through a television, although they never seem to listen to him.


Susanna King is a second-year UNC philosophy major and prospective English minor from Durham, NC. She believes in the power of unpretentious and rigorous public philosophy. When she’s not talking about philosophy, Susanna can be found making comics and zines, watching Jeopardy, and drinking too much coffee.


Katie Leonard is a Senior at UNC studying philosophy and English with a creative writing minor, eagerly entering her third year in the fellowship and second in the NHSEB pod. She enjoys the intersection of philosophy, literature, and education, eager to make big ideas accessible and meaningful to high school students. If not found in the Parr Center, Katie is probably just walking up the stairs to get there.


Campbell Lindquist is a third-year UNC/Duke student from Charlotte, North Carolina. She is pursuing majors in Philosophy and Women’s and Gender Studies and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. When she is not reading trashy romance novels, practicing yoga, or mediating disputes between her four brothers, you can find her in the pool teaching swim lessons or coaching the local swim team. She cannot wait to combine her passions for ethical education and working with students through her work with the NHSEB.


Elijah Parish is a second-year UNC student studying Philosophy, Psychology, and PPE. He particularly enjoys virtue ethics, philosophy of religion, Kant’s theoretical philosophy, political philosophy, and the question of nihilism. In his spare time, he enjoys reading, journaling, and playing Dungeons & Dragons. His preferred means of procrastination is listening to YouTube lecture series or podcasts at two-times speed in order to feel productive.


Pratyush Seshadri is a second-year student at UNC Chapel Hill studying Mathematics, Economics, and History. He is excited to work with the NHSEB program this year. In his free time, you’ll find Pratyush playing soccer, reading, or exploring the trails around his home in Raleigh, North Carolina.





Reem Kadimi-Skalli is a second year Ethics Bowl participant and a junior in high school. She is from Ohio and spends most of her time engaged in community organizing as the Columbus Lead for Ohio Youth for Climate Justice. She enjoys participating in ethical discourse of all kinds and she is incredibly grateful for all the opportunities NHSEB gives her to engage in this hobby!


Darya Loiko is originally from Minsk. She is currently a high school senior in Chapel Hill, NC. She hopes to work alongside the NHSEB staff on improving student experience, harboring a tighter-knit sense of community, and making participation more impactful. Outside of Ethics Bowl, she is involved with FRC robotics, Model UN, some of her school’s academic competitive teams, and pursuing an EMT certification.


Grant Sheft is a junior at the Horace Mann School in the Bronx, NY. He loves ethics and philosophy. Outside of the Ethics Bowl, he is pursuing an independent study on the philosophy of hope. In his free time, he is often reading Kierkegaard, learning more about shark conservation, and rooting for the Jacksonville Jaguars. He also enjoys spending time with his twin sister and two bernedoodles.


Ana Yáñez is a senior at Colorado Academy who is incredibly passionate about building community and understanding through Ethics Bowl. Ana is from Colorado, and has competed in the Colorado High School Ethics Bowl competition for 3 years. She co-leads several initiatives at her school, including Student Council and her volleyball team. In her free time she enjoys reading, playing piano, and hanging out with her dog. She cares deeply about issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, and hopes to bring more student voice to the Ethics Bowl experience.