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As the 2021-2022 season of the National High School Ethics Bowl heats up, and we count down the short weeks until Regional Competitions begin, there remain many valuable opportunities available via our NHSEBAcademy program, including two Academy Live events for students and coaches in December, as well as continuing on-demand coaching assistance.



December 4: Case Roundtable Workshop

In our inaugural Case Roundtable Workshop, UNC-based Ethics Bowl Coaches will brainstorm and lead discussions with students and coaches alike about four cases from our 2021-2022 Regional Case Set. All members of the NHSEB community are invited to join the conversation, and to advance our collective understanding of the ethical issues involved in some of this year’s most interesting cases: Suffering in the Wild (Case 4), 23 & Memaw (Case 7), Priorities, Priorities… (Case 9), and All Eyes on You (Case 15). This workshop has been carefully designed and will be administered by UNC Philosophy students in our Ethics Bowl and Democratic Deliberation course. It is scheduled for Saturday, December 4 at 4:30pm ET. Registration is available on the NHSEBAcademy website.



December 9: Argument Mapping for Ethics Bowl Coaches

This 90-minute workshop, delivered in partnership with expert facilitators from ThinkerAnalytix, will give NHSEB coaches simple, practical tools for teaching logic and reasoning skills, especially the skills teams need to construct and evaluate moral arguments with precision and care. Facilitators will introduce you to argument mapping–a powerful method that teams can use to better understand the structure of arguments found in Ethics Bowl cases, and begin to build their own arguments for competition. This workshop is designed by ThinkerAnalytix, an educational non-profit partnered with the Department of Philosophy at Harvard University. It is scheduled for Thursday, December 9 at 6:30pm ET. Registration is available on the NHSEBAcademy website.



Ongoing: Studio Hours for NHSEB Students

Students from all across the country can book on demand Studio Hours with 12 of NHSEBAcademy’s specially-trained Ethics Bowl Coaches. Thanks to an expanded partnership with the UNC Department of Philosophy, we have added additional Coaches with a variety of availability schedules to suit students from all time zones. Our Coaches are standing by to consult with participants on all things Ethics Bowl, and will be available to NHSEB students through early December. Current appointment types include brainstorms about the recently released Regional Case Set, presentation consultations, commentary workshops, and practice Q+A sessions. Individual students and teams alike are encouraged to join in! If currently available times don’t work for your students, please contact us for more information.



We are so thrilled to see our community continue to make use of NHSEBAcademy’s resources for Ethics Bowl preparation. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We hope to see you “on campus” very soon!

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