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Launching today, NHSEBAcademy will be the new home for learning about and around the National High School Ethics Bowl. This new site will house pedagogical and training resources for NHSEB students, coaches, organizers, and volunteers.




The site is divided into three core spaces, with plans to expand and supplement these offerings throughout the Fall and Winter in the lead up to the 2020-2021 regional season: the Library, the Theater, and NHSEBAcademy Live.


In Academy’s Library, you’ll first find a new selection of “quick start” resources for those new to their roles with Ethics Bowl: TeamKit, CoachKit, JudgeKit, and OrganizerKit. Each of these downloadable packages contains a small, curated collection of resources to get the uninitiated up and running as quickly as possible. These, too, will be augmented as more resources are developed for NHSEBAcademy, and as we progress through the season. You’ll also find a library of longer-form official documents and step-by-step guides for common tasks and processes, in addition to a curated section of additional resources for further contextual reading from NHSEB partners and from across the internet—all brought together in a single, cohesive space for NHSEB constituents.


In the Theater, you’ll find a collection of NHSEB-created and NHSEB-curated video resources. While you’ll find some good general orientation resources to learn about NHSEB, our video library is a work in continual progress. Production on a wide-ranging series of short and accessible instructional videos is now underway, with releases expected throughout the coming months. Curated video playlists bring together some of the best resources on ethics education from across the internet, packaging and presenting them in service of skills, concepts, and distinctions which are uniquely useful in the context of Ethics Bowl.


Finally, We’re proud to announce a new series of training and pedagogy-focused online events, as part of NHSEB’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic. NHSEBAcademy Live will provide new spaces for students to engage with subject-matter experts, facilitators highly trained in Ethics Bowl and Philosophy for Children pedagogies, and, of course, with other NHSEB participants from across the country. Academy Live events will occur periodically throughout the Fall and Winter. Be sure to check back often as we fill out an exciting docket over the next several months.



AcademyLive kicks off next week with two instances of our NHSEB Essentials Clinic: a modular workshop for students which isolates tasks and skills specific to Ethics Bowl matches, e.g., preparing a well-organized presentation, delivering a constructive and responsive commentary, and navigating tough questions from competitors and judges. These events have been designed by the team at the Parr Center for NHSEB students of all levels of experience, and are scheduled for October 22 and 24 (both sessions are identical). Registration is now available on the Academy website. We hope you’ll consider joining us!


We are so thrilled to share this new space and new opportunities with the High School Ethics Bowl community. As always, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We hope to see you on Academy’s “campus” very soon.

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