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What is the NHSEB?

Perspectives From Students, Teachers, and Volunteers

Video by Robert Kinlaw




This is a short audio portrait that gives a great outline of the NHSEB.

Thanks to Barry Lam of Hi-Phi Nation for this making this wonderful podcast!

Click here to listen to this thought-provoking portrait of the NHSEB in general, and the students at the 2017 Nationals in particular.





Find out how the Northern California High School Ethics Bowl reaches out to underserved schools in its community in this educational video,

Reflections on the 2017 HSEB Invitational.


Hear Brandon Robinson explain the value he sees in the NHSEB for young people and for the volunteers, like him, that make it all happen.

Why volunteer at the National High School Ethics Bowl?

Helpful Resources for Teachers, Students, Moderators, and Judges:


Watch the Final round of the NHSEB 2018 Nationals to get a great sense of what a complete round in the NHSEB looks like, for new and old participants alike.

Video by Robert Kinlaw.





A2Ethics with the Michigan High School Ethics Bowl has created instructional videos for both

moderators and judges.



Watch this video of a Delaware Valley HSEB final round for another example of the NHSEB in action here.


Watch an NHSEB judge training session — there is a ton of helpful material here for all kinds of participants of the NHSEB. Thanks to Steve Swartzer and the inaugural South Carolina High School Ethics Bowl at Wofford College!