Winnipeg Free Press, April 1, 2015

An international scholastic competition in which the winner is best able to collaborate and compromise to do what’s right, instead of tearing someone else apart intellectually?

Yes, seriously.

River East Collegiate students from left in foreground Quiana Kumar and Jayda Hope, back row from left, James Pither, Kartik Sachar, Emmanuel Cardozo, Kaela Rampersad and teacher Anita Maharaj Kumar are going to the US to compete in an ethics bowl, in which they examine and discuss the ethical aspects of real-life situations. Nick Martin story Wayne Glowacki/Winnipeg Free Press March 26 2015

And six students from River East Collegiate are really good at doing what’s right — to the point of being able to say, yes, what the other people are saying really does make more sense.

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