**REGISTRATION WILL OPEN ON SEPTEMBER 7, 2018.** Don’t forget to contact your regional organizer to register for your Regional Bowl as well! See below for more details. 

In order to be counted as a participating school in the National High School Ethics Bowl, all schools must register at least four weeks before their Regional Bowl. All schools registering with the NHSEB must also register with a Regional Bowl in their area. Please contact us if you need an extension for registration. The cost of registration is $75.00 per year per school (if a school enters more than one team in a regional bowl, the total cost is still $75.00).

When a school pays its registration fee to the NHSEB, this does not automatically register the school to compete in a Regional Bowl. The coach/advisor/school administrator of a team(s) must contact the regional organizer to participate in that bowl. You can find contact information for your regional bowl organizer here. Additionally, some regional bowls have additional registration fees or forms.

In the event of a economic hardship or other sustaining factors, a school should contact the NHSEB for scholarship opportunities.

Step-by-step instructions on how to register your school with the NHSEB can be found here.