2017-2018 NHSEB Regional Bowl Information Form

NHSEB Regional Bowls (“regional competitions”) will be held between September 5, 2017 and February 4, 2018. In order to be recognized by the NHSEB, each regional organizer must complete this information form either before that Regional Bowl takes place or by December 8, 2017, whichever is first. The completed form will be used to categorize each Regional Bowl as “large” or “small” depending on the number of reported, registered, and participating schools (not teams). In the event that a Regional Bowl does not report the number of participating schools by December 8, the NHSEB Executive Committee will use its discretion to determine that Regional Bowl's size. If you have any questions, please email Dominique Dery at dominique.dery@unc.edu. Thank you!
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  • If this number changes after you have completed this form, you have until December 8th to provide the NHSEB with an accurate estimate of participating schools. NHSEB will also use the number of registered schools when determining regional size -- small or large -- and whether that Regional Bowl's winner will have an immediate spot at Nationals or will instead participate in a Virtual Bowl Playoff.