What is the NHSEB? Perspectives From Students, Teachers, and Volunteers

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***Click here to watch the NHSEB 2018 Nationals in action! Or watch below:

Video by Robert Kinlaw.

***Click here to watch the NHSEB 2017 Nationals in action!

***What is the National High School Ethics Bowl? This is a short audio portrait that gives a great outline of the NHSEB. Thank you to Barry Lam of the Hi-Phi Nation podcast for this!

***Click here to listen in on the NHSEB Nationals as captured by Barry Lam of Hi-Phi Nation podcast — this is a thought-provoking portrait of the NHSEB in general, and the students at the 2017 Nationals in particular.

***What is a high school ethics bowl invitational? Watch for more information about how the Northern California High School Ethics Bowl reaches out to underserved schools in its community.

Helpful Resources for Teachers, Students, Moderators, and Judges:

***Click here to watch the final round of the NHSEB 2018 Nationals — this gives a great sense of what a complete round in the NHSEB looks like, for new and old participants alike. Or watch below:

Video by Robert Kinlaw.

***Check out this super fun instructional video for moderator training by A2Ethics and Michigan High School Ethics Bowl

***And a very helpful instructional video for judges by A2Ethics and Michigan High School Ethics Bowl.

***What Does a High School Ethics Bowl Round Look Like? Watch this video of a Delaware Valley HSEB final round for another example of the NHSEB in action.